Mediators for the integration - Posrednika za integraciju

Beneficiary / Leader of the project: Asociación Socioeducativa Llere
Partners: Roma National Council - Primary School Galdovo (Sisak).
Summary of the Project:

The project “Mediators for the Integration” addresses one of the social and educational shortcomings in Croatia: improvement of Roma students’ situation in the educational system. The consortium of organizations grouped around the Association LLERE and Roma National Council of Croatia will implement actions whose ultimate goal pursues enhanced the design of strategies and resources for the integration of Roma Children in the educational system in Croatia through the implementation of a program of professional mediator with educational communities.

To reach the objective described above, and in line with the national documents and European recommendations and Communications – that set out that one of the main needs identified in the education system is the lack of training of professionals in languages issues, lack of skills in the treatment of diversity, lack of training in multiculturalism and human rights approach, lack of resources and limited communication between families and the school context - the Consortium will develop a training process for students from Social Sciences colleges, technical staff of nonprofits organizations, educational and other relevant in educational, social and civil institutions.

  • Total Cost of the Project: 150.440,37 €
  • Total EU Contribution: 140.917,49 €
  • Implementation Period: 12 months (August 2013 - August 2014)
Contact Person for more information:
César Arroyo (Project Manager – Llere, Spain) +34 925 24 17 62  / +34 692 185 584
Bibijana Papo (Project Assistant – RNV, Croatia) 0091 600 19 49 / 01 580 26 99
Investing in the Future / Ulaganje u  budućnost.
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