1st Stage

Theoretical Training and Intersectoral seminar

- Theoretical Training. Training course to learn about the social and educational situation of the Roma minority, mediation as an inclusive tool and resources to work in intercultural context.

- Intersectoral Seminar: «Coordination as an essential element of the professional mediation.» This meeting will be a knowledge transfer mechanism between partners, experts and participants. Representatives from social and educational institutions will also participate, as well as various experts’ teachers and other professional.

2st Stage and 3st Stage

Practical Activity and Implementation

2st Stage

- Practical Activity. It consists of a Transnational Learning Action in SPAIN (Toledo) to learn about the educative Spanish Model of inclusion of Roma students. It’s based in two kinds of actions: Learning visits (NGO’s, public educational institutions…) and a Traineeship in Social Programs of the Asociación Socioeducativa Llere.

3st Stage

-  Implementation of Intervention Programs. After the end of the other training stages, participants in the project will design and develop implementation actions through working in groups.